January Necessities

January necessities - so many layers are needed this month - even when it comes to accessories.

(Vintage brass earrings, a feather charm necklace made from an old earring, Crystal Noir by Versace, cheap black gloves, tortoiseshell specks for indoors and out - the eyeglasses are Reynolds and the shades are vintage, 5 year diary, vintage leather/metal/wood bangles, black mardi gras beads, rings old and new)

My favorite new piece is this little 5 year diary. Just an inch of space per a day, per year - all 5 years on one page. Can't wait to look back on all of this. Wondering where I'll be 5 years from now...

My collection of rings are number 2 - the love ring is a gift from one of my best friends and a staple, the turquoise is new as of the holidays and the button ring was made by my roommate...in love. (Sparkly nailpolish for good measure - jazz hands)

images via my Instagram

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CAT ATTACK said...

eeeeee where did you get this new holiday ring? hm hmm???