Dirty Baby Wall Hangings

I know few women in the 20-30-40 something age bracket that didn't grow up loving Dirty Dancing. I've probably seen it 100 times since the age of 4.  This project separated the words from the film. Let them float on their own without context. Some are lighthearted create laughter or quizzical looks...while others hit hard and cut deep no matter the context. This movie, soundtrack and Baby (with her frizzy 80's hair in a 1963 movie) shaped what love was in my little 4 year old heart and obviously still has an effect on me today. I mean c'mon guys, it's Dirty Dancing! How could I not? 

The pieces I created for the Armature grand opening are 12x16 gouache on canvas w/ brass and cotton twine. 

All photography by Tambi Lane


A New Studio Home in a Very Unexpected Place ///

It's been a while since I've done this and probably because life has changed so much! 

Where to begin? 

Well, I've moved! I left my beloved Portland for Central Oregon. This transition has been a roller coaster of emotions, but I have to say the highs are so much higher than the lowest lows. I miss my friends, favorite restaurants and the ease of seeing live music any night of the week. There aren't photo booths and strip clubs on every corner, but there are mountain views and snow-dustings everywhere I go. The natural inspiration is like nothing I've ever experienced. New materials and soothing colors pallets are giving me the opportunity to experiment with my creativity. Welcoming new friends have allowed me feel at home in a way I never expected so quickly. 

Through those new friends I've manifested a studio. This happened with way too many "small world" moments and ended with the space you see me in above. Friend's art, along with thrifted items and my own work hang on the old ironworks buildings epic wood panelled walls. My huge classroom sized chalkboard gives me a free-space to do my monthly chalk installments. For 2014, each month is handlettered. 

Initially I am using this space to nurture my chalk art and hand-lettering. Honing my craft and doing projects that are all my own. "This space is all my own," something I have to keep saying to myself, something I've never experienced. It's small, 10x10 cube and my sweet next door studio neighbors are almost within whispering distance...but, it's all mine. A community and individuality all in one fell swoop. 

After jumping out of the warm feathered nest that is Portland, I feel more at home flying on my own than I ever expected.

Portrait by Cat Carty


A Time for Transition - Late Summer

No longer working a 9-5 is magical...spending my time doing freelance work while enjoying these last bits of warm sun and new moments of crisp air. Michigan, Eastern Oregon,  love and friendships. Cherishing this time of rest after a long hard year of 60 hour work weeks. 

Gwen Frostic's inspiring home and letterpress studio in Benzonia, Michigan. 

Chalk pieces for Cat & Colby's big day. 

The time needed to make my house a home, just in time for chilly evenings and snuggles...

and Penny got a little home improvement as well. 


For Your Reading Pleasure: Dear Sugar, The Rumpus Advice Column

I don't usually dig advice columns.  I find them trite and antiquated normally. 

This one is different, it's heartfelt and raw. The author, Cheryl Strayed gives personal details about her life that so many advice columnists avoid.  The thing is - this is what makes her answers pack a punch.  This is what makes me want to just post up at her bar and drink too many bloody mary's and just cry. I know I could come to her with anything and she would have a way to make me feel better about the situation. 

So please my friends, check out Sugar, The Rumpus Advice Column.  

Also, my favorite post and the post that lead me to her amazing writing in the first place.