Dirty Baby Wall Hangings

I know few women in the 20-30-40 something age bracket that didn't grow up loving Dirty Dancing. I've probably seen it 100 times since the age of 4.  This project separated the words from the film. Let them float on their own without context. Some are lighthearted create laughter or quizzical looks...while others hit hard and cut deep no matter the context. This movie, soundtrack and Baby (with her frizzy 80's hair in a 1963 movie) shaped what love was in my little 4 year old heart and obviously still has an effect on me today. I mean c'mon guys, it's Dirty Dancing! How could I not? 

The pieces I created for the Armature grand opening are 12x16 gouache on canvas w/ brass and cotton twine. 

All photography by Tambi Lane

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