So There's This Couch ///

So there's this couch...I think about it often. I covet it, I want to snuggle it, maybe pet it a little. It's Jorie's couch and it's the most beautiful bohemian/contemporary piece of furniture that's ever been found at the goodwill bins. 

Jorie and I found it on one of our regular, slightly addictive and much needed bins trips. When we spotted it we were on opposite sides of the warehouse, latex gloved and scouring for little cheap items. Then the cart came out...and like moths to a flame, a perfect triangle, Jorie, myself and the couch found each other. The leather is just enough worn in, the wood is a really neutral and natural color. The only thing is the back looks like someone MIGHT have been murdered up against it...but we decided to assume some amazing party was happening around this couch and a bottle of wine got spilled. Yes, that must be what happened. Now if you don't know what the bins are, they're basically goodwill overflow - too many donations, too little square footage.  Latex gloves are mandatory and people watching is supreme. It's a warehouse location where nothing is tagged and everything is sold by weight (except for furniture). So clothes end up being pennies and couches like this lil number end up costing $25. 

Just had to share this perfect couch...perfect.


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