Engagement Photo Shoots///♥ and 1974

Jessi and John - where to start, where to start.  I feel priveledged to know these two amazingly positive and creative Portland souls. Jessi is one of those girls that just has "that spark(le)" and John (equally sparkly) picked up on that. They are now engaged and "team mates for life", as Jessi likes to put it. They compliment each other in ways I have seen few couples do - together they are Creatives, super business savvy, fashionable, successful and most importantly; a blast to hang out with.

 When I saw their engagement shoot today I knew everyone else out there had to see it too. Jessi aptly called the shoot Love & 1974. The two spent the day in downtown Portland's Ace Hotel decked out in their parent's vintage swag. The fuschia dress is what John's mom wore when leaving for her own honeymoon 40 years ago. Aww, these two...hip and sentimental! The beautiful photos were taken by Amanda K Photography who literally captured J&J's personalities with her camera.

Check out more shots on Jessi's Blog and the entire shoot here .



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Busted SuperHero said...

OH most wonderful and dearest Katey, John and just read what you wrote and at the same time (upon finishing) both let out this soulful sigh of joyous gratitude. Thank you for making us feel so special.

Muchos smooches