A Valentines Tent///

This past Saturday, as an early Valentine's Day treat for Ketch, I turned our bedroom into a romantic tent. It's so funny 'cause yesterday there seemed to be posts all over the place about making indoor tents out of blankets and other things around the house.  I guess we were all in the mood for good 'ol  inexpensive romance.

Tons of pillows and blankets draped over the bed made it uber cozy. I used a staple gun to hang a set of lace curtains and other various linens from the house over our bed. We have lath and plaster walls so putting big hooks in the walls to string up the blankets and sheets was not an option. The staple gun made it so easy. I just made sure to staple along seams so I wasn't putting holes in the middle of my curtains.  Once the tent was up I pulled the curtains back with wooden clothes pins for a view of the tv - but when you get rid of the pins the curtains close and it's our own little gypsy tent. 

(The twinkle light ceiling of our tent)

I strung twinkle lights over the top of the tent to make it glow. Some Ikea curtains I had laying around were a perfect tent roof.

I also used my Marconi bulb that I bought forever ago to add some extra ambiance. 

 This was such a fun surprise. I ended up ordering Thai food and we ate it in our little tent while watching some movies and snugglin all night long.

The funniest thing is that he likes the tent so much, I don't know if I'll ever be allowed to take it down.


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An Invitation said...

It's perfect!
I tried a blanket tent in the living room and failed so I ended up setting up our camping tent instead :) There's something so romantic about the cozy space in tents.