Homemade Pallet Furniture for the Deck///

///Our new pallet furniture!!! (The one with the scallops is a bench Ketch built in highschool)///

Ketch made the most badass deck furniture for us this past week. I sent him this article about outdoor chairs hoping it would be inspiration for an indoor bike rack we've been trying to design. Instead it was just inspiration to build a whole set - table and chairs for our back deck. SO EXCITING! 

///the planning stages///

The plans for the chairs are available for $10, but Ketch decided to figure it out on his own from the images shown in the article. He said the hardest part was dismantling the pallets. The first chair took one whole day. But once he had the system down the other chair was done in a couple of hours. The table went through a couple different configurations before it was done as well.  He came up with the design for the table completely on his own. 

I love these pieces. Very modern feeling - and aside from Ketch's time - totally free! 

Now we are just debating about paint v. stain...hmmm.



Claire Elizabeth said...

you are a lucky duck with a furniture building man all to yourself! :)


size too small said...

it's so great! i wish my sir was just a bit more handy.

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

The images on your blog are so inspiring!!!

haley ann said...

Leave it. Just let Portland take it's course. Maybe leave it out during the winter with a clear varnish? Age that bad boy.

Cat Baldwin said...

stain! and a color! like blue!