Ketch and I like to cook together///it's a bit of a bonding experience for us. I tend to lead the way and he picks it all up really quickly. Almost like a sous chef assisting me with every little detail.

Remember when I posted about our "Chicken" Pot Pie and cupcake night? Well here are just a few photos as proof! Many did not turn out - but there are a few cuties to prove that we can get down in the kitchen

These are the innards to my faux chicken pot pie. Everything gets cooked on the stove in a gravy of veggie stock and red wine before getting put in casserole dish and covered with puff pastry.

While the pot pies were baking we whipped up some cupcakes for dessert. Funniest thing is we call people who are being all lovey doevey with their significant other "Cupcakers." Here's ketch greasing and flouring the pan...such a cupcaker...such a good boy///

Lemon cake, blackberry jam filling and fresh whipped cream with a raspberry on top. YUM


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haley ann said...

you're just THE cutest