Chalkboard Art///

This week I was assigned the task of doing the chalkboard art for our new showroom that will be opening up Nov. 7th. 

I repainted the chalkboard with a couple coats of chalkboard spray paint and did a chalk layer that I then rubbed off.  This gives the chalkboard some grip so there aren't slippery spots that can mess up one's artwork.

Simple supplies: Chalkpens, high quality chalk pastels and classic chalkboard chalk for the beginning outline work.

Planning sheet and pen testing.

Laying out the artwork to scale with some lines.

I then went over the chalk with a white chalk pen that gives the chalkboard a really clean appearance that is impossible with normal chalk.

Once the art is outlined with chalk pen and filled in with pastels all of the beginning rough outlines get wiped away.

I then went around the logo with black chalk pastels to really make the white pop. 

Come check it out Nov. 7th in the new showroom on 21st and Nicolai in Porltand!



catbee said...

VERY beautiful. my chalkboard art attempts were much less organized.

honeybeeeee said...

NICE JOB KATES. you're pretty amazing.

haley ➵ ann said...

this looks GRRRREAT kd