Wish Me Luck///

With a heavy heart I write this post. 
After close to 3 years of knowing and loving Ketch, we have decided to part ways. It's pretty mutual...which makes me even more sad. I wish we both had more fight in us...I wish he had more fight in him. But this is life. I've taken a lot of good lessons from this relationship - but I can't say that my heart isn't broken, because really honestly? I don't get this deep into a relationship without thinking that person is "the one". He was my perfect, my puzzle piece...my Ketchup. 

So posts may not be as frequent for a while...or if I overpost because I need something to keep me busy...I greatly apologize. I hope to keep a somewhat focused view on the world from this little place. Wish me luck.



cat bee said...

hope you have time for lots of friend therapy while you're processing this change

ash-we are electricity said...

horseshoe. ♥ you.

{whenpenmeetspaper} said...

Change is not necessarily a bad thing. Take it in your stride and hold your head up high :)Somewhere at some point in time, someone is waiting for you.


kaela d. said...

i got click happy and somehow ended up at your blog. very cute indeed. but i just wanted you to know you're not alone. i'm over in colorado and have had a heavy heart for 4 months. and as annoying as it sounds....i promise it will get better. it's losing your best friend...but more like a death than anything else. i mourned for awhile and now gradually i feel myself pulling back together. i went to a concert alone and danced like no one was watching. but someone was. and he asked me on a date. neither of us want/need a relationship right now...but it's been enough of a push to make me feel better about myself and not see that breakup as a burden. i know this is random..but i guess i'm just trying to say please go dance like noone's watching, take bubble baths, stop and smell the flowers, and just march the beat of your own drum. because someone will hear it and might just join in ; )

Lizzy Belle said...

such a classy lady. i love you pumkin can't wait to see you. ♡♡♡