My Domestic Things///

Remember how I mentioned that Amanda took some shots of me as well?

Here are 3 of the 18 that she took in my house here in Portland. I haven't seen the rest!

This makes me realize I really need to do something with our vaulted wall. Don't you think?  We had a beautiful tent over our bed for a long time but it slowly fell apart so i took it down.  Maybe just a swath of fabric? A mural with some sort of text? What do you think?


ash-we are electricity said...

I am going with a mural with text. preferably a poem, but favorite song lyrics always work...I will probably be back with examples;) But you know, a woven piece might be pretty. you could build a frame loom and weave in a pendalton type pattern into it, and it is changeable, if chosen;)

Heart Charlie said...

I LOVE these photos!!!! You are SO BEAUTIFUL and I love the decor! I am also in love with that shirt ;)