HELLOvintage///The Inspiration Behind The Store

I've always wanted to start my own business. To be a creative and do what I love to pay the bills. I have nothing but amazing things to say about my amazing day job! I work for a company that is fully a part of American manufactured design. With rad business ethics and a killer aesthetic - this is where I want to be. But as an Aquarius I'm constantly dreaming. Dreaming of being an Interior Designer which I am slowly but surely making happen...dreaming of starting a vintage store which I'm slowly but surely making happen (WOOHOO)...dreaming of producing my own decorative designs...dreaming of traveling...dreaming of having my own store front by the time I'm 30... and UBER dreaming of going to the Ace Camp taught by the uber talented blogger Erin Loechner, the voice behind one of my favorite blogs, Design For Mankind

This camp focuses on wrangling your career aspirations and working towards a plan to bring them to fruition. 

It is this June and financially it's going to be tight to come up with the $359 needed to attend.  I want to make this happen - but while investing in starting a business doesn't leave funds for extra activities.  Even if they are the activities that help move a girl along her chosen path. But - invest in one's future, yes? It's important. 

So I'm rallying for support. I need to raise the $359 to go take part in this amazing opportunity. And I will be fully honest and say I could use all of the help I can get. My new vintage clothing and home goods shop, HELLOvintage opens in May. But if you are local I am more than happy to set up personal shopping experiences (and tea and cookies) for anyone in the area. 

For those out of the Portland area I the men's and ladies' clothing up on my Flickr NOW (and more and more all the time)! If you would like information on a specific item please contact me and I will give you measurements, price and shipping costs.

Your purchases will go towards me attending the Ace Camp this June (and help me follow my dreams). 

I truly appreciate all of the support received from family, friends and bloggers. This is an exciting time and I am thrilled to share it with you. 

Love, Katey



ash-we are electricity said...

what is your flickr?? and have anything for us curvy vintage lovers??

Katey Dutton said...

is the link not working on the ladies clothing preview? it's there.

I have some beauteous silk blouses and maxi skirts gurlll. Measurements will be posted when I have the shop up.

If you want me to keep an eye out for particular items you're on the hunt for just shoot me your size!

Anonymous said...

write the $359 off as a business expense on your taxes 2011 taxes.

Katey Dutton said...

good call miss cat, you can tell i am not a true business person at heart. I'm still trying to just figure out what items to keep track of for future tax purposes. ba