HELLOkatey///oh hey there gym

So I've had a gym membership for...well...forever. But I never went, it was a total waste of money.

Maybe some new workout clothes will help my attitude?

I got a free pass to a different gym closer to my house and work and realized I am truly a creature of convenience. Driving across town to go to the gym? Bummer. Stopping at the gym on my way home from work? No problem.  So I cancelled one membership and started another. I'm spending $5 (a latte and a muffin) more on the gym that's closer to me...which means I'm spending who know how much less on gas. Obviously there is no question which was a better deal in the long run if I'll actually go to this new place. 

I have my meeting with a personal trainer next week. Goals Goals Goals will be made. They'll take my measurements, evaluate my BMI and give me a plan for my gym regimen. 

My first goal? To actually want to put on some shorts this summer. Wish me luck.


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