I Have Talentend Amazing Friends

My girl Jorie (my thrifty soul mate) is an amazing craftress and gift giver. For my Birthmas (yes, that's birthday and Christmas all rolled into one even though they're months apart - haha - who said we were timely?) present she made me one of her stellar necklaces.

Chain necklace with hand made beads and a vintage photo that served as the card. 

This post is very belated, because I hadn't gotten around to taking photos of this totally beautiful necklace that I literally wear every other day.  But then I saw Jorie had these beauts posted on her blog and I had to share. 

Jorie is in the process of opening a store - Anntorian - it will carry hand crafted and vintage finds. She makes beautiful hand loomed scarves and leather pieces, with vintage additions being added soon. I'm hoping she'll put her jewelry on there as well since I think everyone needs one of these.


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