My Dad and I have a bond. We are strangely alike and opposite all at the same time.  We compliment and understand each other. Words are often unneccessary, but still said.  He loves me and shows it in a way that always seems to pull at my heart stings. He is a good Papa. Such a good Papa.

Me and the biggest Oregon Ducks fan I know a couple years back.

 Out of 4 girls - I'm the one who goes to games with him, even if it's only once a year these days. We love it. I love it mainly cause I really love him. I love seeing him really get excited and happy about stuff - football is definitely one of those things. I remember not knowing anything about football as a little girl.  I would just stand up when my Dad stood up, cheer when my Dad cheered. The smile he gave me and the way he'd yell "YEAH!!!" just made me keep doing it. That tradition started the day I started cheering and I'm not really planning on ever stopping.

Happy 59th Dad.

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