Twisted Buns Turn Into Perfect Loose Curls///

A while back I posted about this great tutorial for 3 messy buns.  I've been doing this style a lot lately because it is sooo easy!

From Buns to Rachel Bilson style curls.

But the best benefit? Loose beautiful curls the next day. I have stick straight hair naturally and even my hair will keep the curl with this method. I even will just put them in at night (I have a tough head) and the curls just turn out more like beautiful loose waves the next morning. 

To Achieve Beautiful Loose Curls:

1. Follow the twisted buns hair tutorial. Hair can be wet or dry.

2. Allows buns to be in for at least 8 hours (a full work day or a full nights sleep)

3. Take out bobby pins and allow buns to naturally fall.

4. Use your fingers to separate each curl (there are three).

5. I use a silicon gel on my roots to help with bed head flyaways and spray the curls with a light hair spray to set. 

These loose curls that start at your jaw line look totally rad with balayage.



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Pristy Giant said...

i tried these twisties tonight based on the pics you posted, and it was so easy and cute.. thanks :) xo