Photos of Us

Our dear roommate Cat is doing a portrait project here in Portland. She asked Ketch and I if we'd pose with our bikes for the project and I love how they turned out. Rainy Portland streets sure look good at 3 o'clock in the morning eh? 

Brad is an avid BMX rider. I however haven't had a bike in years but was gifted this rad old cruiser for my 26th birthday from my sister and brother in law. Exciting! 

NE Rodney Ave. - Eliot Neighborhood - Portland, OR

Oh and yes, I did get a letterman jacket. Ketch surprised me with it for my birthday. 



size too small said...

tell her well done- these are great.

Katey Dutton said...


anntorian said...

i can not tell you how jealous i am of that jacket. kudos b.

great photos. sometimes i forget how beautiful it all is.