///the randomness of the universe is not really so random at all///

I love scanning through favorite blogs, linking to other random blogs and following that end up linking me back around somehow to things I know and love - like my dear work neighbor and friend Adam Arnold. As a talented designer i expect to see him popping up on fashion related sites and such. But i was scrolling through Jane Reaction's blog which i had never seen before (too cute) and there his little photo was, hanging from Antler & co.'s mobile as part of their Holiday Gift Guide!

I looked at the tiny little thumbnail and asked my coworker Deb, "is that Adam???" YUP! Bahaha. And those antler mobiles, so neat - this man is related to so much cool shit, has the BEST sense of humor, makes the most BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES and end ups in the most random places because of it. Can't wait to hear the story of how he ended up here!

Love, Katey


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