What are you going to be for Halloween? ///

What are you going to be for Halloween? Cause dangit I'm stumped.

Last year I was Max from Where the Wild things are. I took a union suit from our local army surplus store Andy & Bax, added a faux fur tail that I made, wooden buttons and a hood from an old white sweatshirt. I fashioned ears out of the excess sweatshirt material and I have to say, it turned out pretty dang well! 


It was so comfy and I'm really not into the excuse that Halloween is the time to dress like it's 100 degrees outside. I'd prefer to look cute and be WARM. But if I'm going to a party, which this year i think i am, I might as well do it up a little and get cute. 


The guy in the stripes and the girl with the feathers were my Wild Things pals. Sooo fun

But any ideas for this year? What are you going to be?


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Courtney said...

a friend of mine was max last year, and it was awesome!!