///back from a wonderful weekend///

Just got back from the perfect Labor Day weekend anniversary trip with my Bradley.  It's been 2 years since Ketch and I met...It was soul night at this bar in downtown Portland. He was one of 3 DUDES on the dance floor and he looked over and did this little come hither dance move. Really I think he was just trying to rally the troops and get more people to dance. But me like to think he just wanted me. So I sat there cooly smoking my cigarette (GROSS) and said no. Let's just say I might have found my way back to him on dance floor and we danced all night long to soul music.

Thing is///no photos for a bit///I have zero funds for developing, the only negative aspect of shooting film.

As for now///check out my loves Haley and Cassi...as they send Haley on a trip south of the border to California land, for a big girl job.

I love them.

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