Crafty Jorie///I love my friends

So my lovely friend Jorie and I always talk about being more creative. Look at what she created this weekend!!!

 This girl and I seem to have this wicked inspirational esp when we're around each other that gets us both a little giddy and me, a little weak in the knees. Have you ever found those people that you want to call bosom buddies? Those people that really get you excited about life? Jorie is definitely one of those people for me. Look how cute she is paddling about Lost Lake here in Oregon. I'm gushing and this is totally going to make her puke in her mouth a little bit///but anyway...

So I'm utterly in love with what she did with her shoes. We both have a thing for pattern, triangles in particular and tennies. We talked about doing this with Tom's but those kicks can be way too expensive. I love how she turned a pair of Target "keds" into a wearable piece of art. 

They remind me of the puff paint days of yore. Oh I know you remember. I mean, check me out /// in one of my masterpieces circa 1989. 

Have to say Jorie's taken it up a couple notches from my childhood craftiness.

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