Ketchup///Leaving for Canada

Brad just got an amazing opportunity to work on a BMX park that's being built up in Vancouver, BC. It's so awesome and I'm so happy for him...but shoot, I'm going to be a lonely girl without him for the next couple of weeks. 

(This image is of the beloved Grotto here in Portland - B worked hard on this site all of last year)

I guess I should take the opportunity to do things I don't always do because I fill up a lot of my free time hanging out with him:

  1. Sleep
  2. Finish a book
  3. Create some art - maybe finish the painting I've been working on.
  4. Hang out with my sister
  5. Girl time
  6. Hang out with some old work friends I never see any more and maybe even stop by the old restaurant job.
  7. Paint the wall in my bedroom
  8. Ride the bike that's sitting in my basement
  9. Finish editing the photos from our California Trip and get some photos PRINTED - I never do this anymore
  10. Hang photos on newly painted wall
  11. Go dancing one night
  12. Garden
  13. Finish Brad's birthday present I never got around to finishing - Since Sneaky Pete is in Canada he won't be lingering at the top of the stairs trying to catch a glimpse.
  14. Get a Martini & A Manicure at Beauty Bar
  15. Celebrate Bastille Day on N. Williams this weekend! NOT POSSIBLE - I ENDED UP WORKING :(
  16. Watch the sunset from the bluffs
  17. Go to the Rose Garden and check out the blooms
  18. THRIFT

I'll miss you puzzle piece. Love, K

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jorie said...

THRIFTTTTT! and nails and happy hour