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I just got back from a great little weekend adventure to see Ketch in Vancouver, BC. He's been up there building a BMX park for the last couple weeks.  This BMX park is amazing, right on the water with a view of downtown.  I'm so proud and happy for him that he was able to be involved. We kept busy the whole time - walking up and down Commercial Street near where we were staying. It has some great restaurants and vintage stores. The best sushi I've had in a long time was on Commercial Street at a little whole in wall called Sake Maki. Can you say Purple Yam Tempura roll with Mango, Avocado and black sesame dressing? I die! We also shopped Broadway and Main which seems to be the hipper area in terms of clothing stores and Gas town which has some pretty cute places too but not necessarily as easily navigable. Saturday night was the pinnacle of the weekend when we got to watch the grand finale of the world fireworks competition that had been going on all week.  Countries from all over the globe competed with shows better than I've ever seen complete with a soundtrack pumped through speakers placed in various parks around the city. On another exciting note, ketch and I officially decided to start shopping for a place sans roommates. Just Ketch, me and the kitties...wish us luck! All in all it was really a perfect weekend.

Outside of Dick's Drive-In in Seattle. Nothing on the menu over $2.50 and they send they're employees to college with a reimbursement program. What a rad company.

My friend Alex mowing down on a Dick's Hamburger. He used to live in Seattle and had to enjoy the $1.20 Hamburger like he did in old times. 

Vancouver - Hastings skate park. The beautiful mountain range seems to surround the city. This is not the park ketch is building but a necessary destination on a trip with two boys who love BMX.

A view of downtown from Granville Island. 

Granville Island has the most amazing open air shopping area that sells amazing food. I couldn't get enough of the pink and white striped pasta and piles of fruit.

Amethyst from the Crystal Store on Granville Island. It's my birthstone and this one was the size of me.

Only in Canada. Can this be our flag, please?

Sporting my new to me backpack that I thrifted at a Value Village in Vancouver. I also picked up a vintage Brownie camera that I'm excited to put to use. But shopping didn't stop at the thrift stores - I happened upon my dream store which I didn't think I was going to get to see and picked up and amazing purse and diamond shaped glass vase which were both totally affordable. I'll post more on all of my loot later!

Ketch and I with our Kinder Surprise Eggs! These are my favorite chocolates which are literally impossible to find in the US because for some reason they thinks its unsafe to have toys inside of food. WTF.

The most beautiful installation art I've ever seen. This was back in Seattle, on my way home I had a bit of a layover at the train station and decided to wander.  Outside of Grand Central Bakery (a Portland staple as well) there was this beautiful paper doily hung in the trees. How can I make this happen in my backyard?

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