What a good weekend...

On Saturday I worked and had a friend in town from China who I had a rad time with out and about. The Rose fest was going on and there was a parade which we kept getting stopped by, but it was still so fun to be caught up in the merriment of a summer fest with an old friend. Sunday I slept in, had amazing homemade breakfast at 4 in the afternoon, and made a trip to the batting cages and Fubonn Asian Superstore.

Terrarium by SPACE DESIGN Botanicals at work.
Pretty art in the windows at The Ace from my evening out.
Fresh raspberry sauce to go with our french toast.
Traveling east to play and shop. Check out the amazing mint condition Westies (an 80's spinoff of 9 West) that I picked up at Goodwill a few weeks back. Kind of glad the weather has been acting up so I can sport this ensemble.
I just played air hockey. I love air hockey.
I totally score at Fubonn, Counterclockwise: A sweet and simple white sake set, a metal scoop for my coffee, fruit ice pops in delicious flavors like sour apple and pineapple, a Mexican sour apple soda, almond Pocky, fortune cookies, guava juice and the sweetest little white teacup in which I'm going to plant a succulent.

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hearblack. said...

the polaroids you share are great! ... along with all the other links and ideas.

thanks for all the inspiration,