Vintage Jeans///On the Hunt

Every time I hit up the local Goodwill lately I arrive with dreams of denim and leave completely disheartened. I really just want jeans that look like the ones in this picture. Loose, but not too loose, faded - but only because someone has already loved the shit out of them. I try soo many jeans on: high rise light wash Mom jeans, old Levi's - all grossness that reminds me of that Saturday Night Live fauxmercial that makes me cry it's so funny. I don't want my butt to look like it goes up to my boobs. I don't want elastic!  I just want a nice lived in pair of relatively loose fitting jeans that don't make me feel like a house.  I'm realizing now that maybe I should be scouring the men's section instead of the women's. Maybe the men's 501's are what I should be trying on...until I find a pair, I'll just have to keep this emaige in my head for inspiration.



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Zinzi said...

levi's 501 shrink-to-fits are definitely the way to go! i recently got a pair at the local army/navy surplus and they're amazing. just the right amount of high-waistedness. i think you google size conversions because mine shrunk down very small!