Lost Spaces///a cute mudroom

I don't really know what to call this space...it has it's own flooring and window. It's where I leave my boots when I come in the back door from working in the garden. It leads to a bathroom and the kitchen, but it's only about 4'x5' so it's not a hallway. I like to call it the mudroom, the tiniest mudroom you've ever seen. And at this point in time it is one of the prettiest little spots in my house...

This shell was in my house all growing up...i never asked my mother if i could take it, it just some how ended up in my things. It always makes me feel at home.

I used a bright chartreuse mail organizer to hold up my art: A b&w photo of a horse that I picked up at country fair, my first oil painting from when I was about 18 of the National Geographic girl, a little polaroid of our kitty Blue.

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