Im fantasizing about all things desert, hippie and sex...they just make me want to run away in a vw van with my bebe and see what we can find.

 Directions on how to make this teepee over at Smile and Wave. 
You can rent this house north of Joshua Tree!
And my bedroom (or tent that I build) needs to look like this!

All of these things come together in one delicious oasis for me right now.

(All via A Desert Fete )

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rose said...

howdy- i'm lurking on your blog by way of my very old friend Joy Getman. (i hope you're not creeped out) anywho, i just had to comment because i live in joshua tree, and lived in pioneertown for a while. if you ever need some deserty-inspiration pics, i'd be happy to take some for you. we have very similar design aesthetic, and i can think of a few things that you might love around here. email me; or not- no biggie. :)
rose beyer