Comfy Clothes and a Fashion Don't

I've been feeling really sick lately, I don't know if it's the change-of-season flu or if I'm coming down with allergies. My head hurts sometimes, my stomach hurts sometimes, my throat hurts sometimes...ugh. So comfy attire is in order for sure. Here's a rendition of what I wore today all vintage versions of what's posted here aside from my bensimons and not complete without the tried and true stand-by and basically my every day hairdo: the topknot, pulled back with a braided headband. I DO mix black and brown - that rule was made to be broken, they look so good together! Especially when my tan trench has big black buttons. My black Gloria Vanderbilt 80's jeans (not the 7even's I show here - but they work) are something I wear all the time...mine have a perfectly high waist and a sooo cute ankle cut... they are perfect with little flats or my bensimon elastiques. I rarely leave home without my black 70's leather coach purse, it's really the prefect size. You won't believe how much I got it for: $12, and yes, I promise it's real. Lastly, to feel a lil pretty on a day when I didn't feel pretty at all, some pearls...cause makeup was not on the list today.

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