Short Film Beauty: This is for Betsy Hall

I still remember watching this film 10 years ago when it was made. I was 15, my dad ran an event photography company in Eugene, Oregon where I grew up and Hope Hall was his favorite of his photographers. She is a beautiful person with an amazing soul that I remember lighting up the house with her laughter and kindness. I remember blissfully swimming in her pool on a hot summer day and desperately talking to her when I thought about design school in NY. I also remember the tears in my Dad's eyes the first time he showed me her documentary, This is for Betsy Hall. Aside from being one of my dad's photogs, Hope was and still is a documentary film maker. She made this tribute to her mother back then and it still haunts me. It's a beautiful, simple and heartfelt tribute to her mother's lifelong battle with anorexia and bulimia. It won an honorable mention at Sundance back in 2000 as well as awards at a number of other film festivals.

Watch This is For Betsy Hall. I think you'll like it too.

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hope hall said...

i am sitting at my kitchen window in new york city on the first morning of march, 2010. tears are pouring down my face. reading your post is one of the nicest experiences i've ever had; i will treasure your words, always. i am sending you so much love and gratitude, your friend and admirer always, h