Good Pieces, Bad Execution

Is it just me or is there wayyyy to much going on here? It's like she's wearing every key piece for Fall.

1. Tights
2. Long Cardigan
3. Plaid Shirt
4. Leather Motorcycle Jacket
5. Platforms

along with some great accessories...

1. Wool fedora
2. Fur Vest

and the key staple...

1. Balenciaga Handbag

But here's the deal, they don't all need to be worn at the same time!

Here are some more successful interpretations:

Motorcycle Jacket+Plaid Shirt

Motorcycle Jacket+Tights+Bag

Platforms+Tights+Fur=AND IT WORKS!

FUR+tights+Motorcycle Jacket (via Lookbook)

(All via Stylesightings unless otherwise noted)

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