Feathers Feathers Everywhere

I was inspired by and amazed by how much feathers are being used in current artwork. It's a theme that's been going on for a while...but really, can one ever have too many feathers? Her are some of Urban's oh so cute feathery things, but I also thought I'd see what my crafty friends over at Etsy are offering. Scroll down to check 'em out and click on the image for a full-size and better view.

1. Global Goddess Goods Feathery Tunic Dress ($65), 2. Dearest Inez Feathery Felt Eaarings ($15), 3. Nancy Mungcal of Pretty Little Theives Not Myself Again Illustration ($22), 4. Susan Schwake Painting on Cedar ($25), 5. Tribal Nouveau Dreamweaver Necklace ($25), 6. On Wings of Birds Painted Owl Feather There are lions and Tigers Too! ($15), 7. Tattoo Socks Feather Knee Highs ($14), 8. Umber Dove Patchie Likes Berries Pillow ($32), 9. Buffalo Blue Designs The Birds Headpiece ($20) 10. Creations Revolver Double Necklace ($26), 11. Putnam Court Two Blue Feathers ($100), 12. Mary Wibis 3 Piece Set ($60).

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