Love and Marriage

I just watched this sweet sweet video of a young and happy couple choosing a baby name. There is beauty in this video. In the love these two seem to share.

It made me think of a moment Ketch and I had a couple evenings ago.

The other day he made me sad. Not in the "he hurt my feelings" sort of way. More in the "his idea of what love and relationships are in general just sucks" kind of way. It made me sad for him and for me.

We were all snuggled up on the couch watching a new favorite show called Modern Family (watch it, it's fun! But that's beside the point.) and began a conversation about one of the actors from the show - Ed O'Neil. Otherwise known as Al Bundy from the much beloved (or hated in mine and my mom's case) show Married with Children. I was saying how I enjoyed his new character so much more. Al Bundy was just so gross. So unhappy. The whole show was. Ew. Then Brad said, "I don't know, I like the show. I think he was just acting the way men feel when they're married."

WHOA WHOA WHOA! Hold the phone! Ew. "That's what you think marriage has to be like? Hateful and spiteful, fight filled and complacent." Sounds like hell. It makes me sad that this is the impression he's gotten from the marriages he's seen in his life. The examples have apparently not been the most positive.

I hope to change his view on this. Not that we are ready for marriage. But it's something I want in my life. And when you invest time in a relationship, it's impossible not to look into the future. Because all I want is a partner in crime. A lover and a fighter that has my back. I want to wake up in the morning tomorrow and 20 years from now and still be happy to see his perfect sleeping face. I don't want to take him for granted or feel taken for granted. I want to feel like I'm part of a team. The best team. He is my Ketchup and I am his Mustard. I love him so.

I guess we'll see as life plays out. Que Sera Sera.

(Since posting this I have watched more videos of the sweet couple. They're happy laughter and pretty voices are an inspiration and lesson in love. So cute)

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