The Microwave is his friend

(via Bars and Booths)
So funny story, Ketch and I have a new roommate. This new roommate has a GF. Said GF came over last week while I was not at home and apparently had something to say about our microwave.

"I cannot BELIEVE you guys have a MICROWAVE! The waves!" I guess she only utilizes the stove? Or maybe just wood and flame.

So anyway, this microwave comment pissed off Ketch to the max. "I like using a microwave! It's simple and effective!" The fact that she would come into our home and diss such a simple item really ground his gears. It's not like we don't have a stove and are only eating Lean Cuisine for dinner every night. I'm pretty sure that if she hadn't been cute she might have been booted out the door right then and there. Haha.

The argument for me was no big deal cause I wasn't even there. But I heard about it from Ketch for quite some time...so when i saw this at Cargo here in Portland, I had to pick it up. I literally squealed when I saw it and so did Ketch.

It is now nicely hanging in the kitchen for EVERYONE to see.

It was $8.50 at Cargo, but is also available all over the internets.

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