God, I Love Vodka

Not only is my favorite alcohol used for hair of the dog, but for cleaning too!!! I hate using chemicals in my home...those toxic smells always linger. Plus, I always seem to have a bottle of Monopolowa just chillin in my freezer.

Here's a list of rad cleaning tips using VODKA via Apartment Therapy.

1.Keep Aphids off houseplants. Wash off houseplants with tap water then dab the leaves with a cotton ball dipped in vodka. Do not use alcohol on delicate plants like African Violets.

2.Shine chrome, glass and porcelain bathroom fixtures. Soak a soft, clean cloth with vodka and shine.

3.Remove hairspray from mirrors. Soak a soft, clean cloth with vodka and wipe mirrors clean.

4.Clean crystal and porcelain ornaments.

5.Clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers by filling a spray bottle with vodka, then spraying the caulking. Wait 5 minutes, then wash clean. Bonus: the alcohol in the vodka actually kills mold and mildew.

6.Clean a chandelier right where it hangs! Spray the chandelier with a solution of four teaspoons of vodka to one pint of water. Put down a cloth or plastic sheet to catch the drips.

7.Remove stains by rubbing with a clean cloth soaked in vodka. Rinse thoroughly.

8.Clean jewelry and cutlery. Soak it in vodka for five minutes, rinse and dry.

9.Remove the glue left behind by stickers and labels. Rub the glue with a soft, clean cloth soaked in vodka.

10.Use it to kill bees and wasps.

11.To get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, mix one part vodka to three parts water, spray and let dry.

12.Clean tiles in the bathroom by spraying with vodka. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse. Great for getting rid of soap scum.


laurenjean. said...

oh yay another portland blogger!! and fan of monopolowa... been following your blog for awhile dear... and love it. hooked! guilty as charged!

check mine out if you get a chance doll.


Katey Dutton said...

thanks girl!