procrastination...i don't do my homework, so i can't sleep. I haven't slept, so i can't do my homework. procrastination. damnit.

so i will give you some tidbits of interesting while i lay here and procrastinate some more.

the best/craziest/i kinda just puked in my mouth halloween costume ever. do you have an outfit planned? i do...and i promise it does not involve child birth.
beautious. im always drawn to sofia copolla-esque images.
isn't she beautiful? i could look like that on a bike...just give me an hour. (via the satorialist)
one of my favorite photographs i have taken. sometimes i miss those early mornings on the uofo campus. this was probably around 6am in june of '06.
filling the blank spaces in my brain with some Dash Snow. RIP.
this is jessica rabbit. just look, now look a little harder. do you see her? i do. i wish i new the origin of this image, but unfortunately it's lost in the sands of time.
inspiration for my next tattoo, which will be on my left forearm. more work to come, I've gotta hand draw it.

a book that i would like to own...and that i would like to think will help me with my procrastination...or maybe just cause me to procrastinate more.

what i will need tomorrow.

procrastination is the bane of my existence. god damnit.

any recommendations?

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