My favorite Thai dish in the world! Pad See Ew.

So I saved my friends Barry and Helena last night with a drive home from far away McIver State Park. And they awarded us with DINNER! YEAH! (Ketch and I had just been debating about how to spend the $5 in cash we had between us - Taco Bell?)

Helena had fallen and hurt her hip and was really ok...but they were planning on trekking all the way back to Ptown, which wouldn't have been ok. So i drove out in the "trusty" saab with Ketch. Helena's little bro was there too so this involved much adolescent bashing. I forgot how fun this could be and how well they can take it as well as dish it out!

So Bare and Helena took us to AppeTHAIzing (which by the way is right across from the better known Pok Pok), this AMAZING little hole in the wall Thai Food Place. We were one of 3 groups there on a wednesday evening and they took that to heart and made us the yummiest dinner ever. We ordered Salad Rolls...and subsequently dowsed them in peanut and snoked chili sauce. YUMM!

Then Ketch and I shared some curry (it was rad) and drumroll please...my favorite...PAD SEE EW. OH my god, yum yum yum yum yum.

If you have not tried this dish and ALWAYS GO ABOUT ORDERING THE SAME OLD PAD THAI cause you are too scared to order anything different? GO FOR THIS! It is truly, the best! Big thick noodles and more savory than Pad Thai it has by far surpassed my love of other asian food...even dare I say, sushi. So try it!

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