ten things that make me happy

Inspired by bum chic, i give you my happiness.

1. warm sand between my toes/sun on my face/wind in my hair (these are all one happy moment...though each on it's own brings it's little bit of happiness too)

2. kisses

3. elephants and aminals, yes, aminals of all kinds.

4. brunch

5. coffee

6. drawing

7. capturing moments with my camera

8. eating outdoors with my companions (barbecues, picnics, ice cream stands)

9. poppies

10. whiskey gingers

images: footprints - kateyd dutton , petite dejeuner - by little brown pen, st. john's bridge - katey dutton, poppies - Bloom, Grow, Love


Robin said...

That was lovely.
I love the poppy picture.
It's stunning.


Keeley said...

Oh it made me so happy to read your list! Poppies are my favorite flower everrrrrrrr! And kisses, who doesn't love em some of those!

I just added you to my list Katey, you and your blog ROCK!


PS. Hood River YES!

Katey Dutton said...

poppies...so simple and so stunning. thanks girls.