ReDirecting You in a Positive Direction

So i was hanging out with my sister while she got her WHOLE FREAKIN ARM tattoed not too long ago. After a couple hours of needles punching though skin i got pretty hungry and wandered down Alberta a hop skip and a jump to the Black Cat Cafe (p.S. awesome veggie/vegan paninis). I was perusing their free periodicals, cause you know one can only look at SO many tattoo shop picture books, when I came across the Re-Direct Guide. Have you picked up your FREE copy of Portland/Vancouver's ReDirect Guide? This handy dandy book is basically the yellow pages for everything green in the greater Portland area. It truly is living green made simple. I sat there through the rest of my sister's tattooing experience, munching on a tofurkey panini and discovering everything from Attorneys with principles to Vets who practice acupuncture. My favorite section of the guide includes menus for area restaurants that serve up sustainable, locally grown, organic and even veggie conscious foods.

To pick up your own free copy just go to http://www.redirectguide.com. You can also pick them up at local retailers as well. I see them around in the most random places, but Alberta, Mississippi and Hawthorne seem to be where I see them most oft.

I also have to mention something pretty dang cool that The Guide offers. A credit card that gets you discounts from green businesses and also helps prevent climate change with every purchase. There is more information about it at http://www.redirectguide.com.

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