From Katey's Closet...

So a quick post before I head off for a hot tub soak and bowling night with the fam :)

I just had to show off some of MY favorites from my closet: the perfect straw hat and the perfect vintage wide leg jeans.
I picked up this hat at Nordy's and wear it literally ALL the time. It is perfect for covering up greasy hair and pairing with a cute vintage tee. But I've also worn it going out too...say on new years I paired it with a grey silk strapless bubble dress, black tights, black wedges and loads and loads of necklaces. Rockin.

Okay...so it is really hard to tell what they look like hanging on a hanger so I will have to take another snapshot of myself in them next. But...these really are the perfect pant, tight in the right places but wide leg and a little high wasted. Totally flattering for pear shaped girls like me, and especially with the darker wash. And guess what? All the tag says is Made In Yugoslavia! No brand, nothing, but I'm sure they were made well before 1991. How fing cool is that? I picked these guys up at Red Light in downtown Portland. Prime vintage shopping!


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