6 Months left of 27...barely

I have (not quite) six months left of being 27.  I'm not very goal oriented - I never have been as an adult...what happened? I guess I live life day by day, which is great in it's own right. So I decided to make a list of things I would like to do before I turn 28 in February. Here goes...

  1. replace the record player so I can listen to my records again - music in my home makes everything easier - entertaining, cleaning, drawing, etc.
  2. Re-up my passport and get a stamp
  3. clean out my basement and make it functional for hobbies
  4. learn to play the ukulele
  5. make sushi
  6. get adobe suite on my computer and take a class
  7. go to the dentist (I HATE IT)
  8. do I new chalkboard once a month to practice calligraphy and hand lettering. (September's Chalkboard)
  9. try tie dying/dip dying
  10. make working out a real priority - 3 days a week FIRM
  11. host a dinner
  12. spend more time with my nephew 
  13. print my film
  14. come up with a regular cleaning schedule
  15. get more plants and have a regular once a week watering schedule
  16. paint interior of the house
  17. try 6 new restaurants
  18. host a monthly craft night
  19. try new hairstyles a couple times a week
  20. buy a new perfume and wear it everyday
  21. go on an impromptu weekend trip
  22. start a savings account (yes, I am 27)
  23. get new contacts/glasses
  24. have a yardsale  WAHOO!
  25. determine my personal style and purge everything else from my wardrobe
  26. read  and finish 6 books (Sept. - 50 Shades of Grey DON'T HATE)
  27. take an art class
  28. make 6 paintings

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