Portland///Old & New

Holy cow - Portland is doing some rad things.  I truly love living in this city.  Check out this beautiful Victorian that has been renovated by London transplants, the Dickinson Family. 

Portland is full of beautiful old homes like this one in NW.  I personally live in a very quirky, purple version that is over a century old. Every room has doors and is contained to keep it warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. It is cozy but the rooms are small and it can be dark depending on the season. I think some people may fain away from mixing styles in such a zealous manner - feeling that they should stick with the original aesthetic of the home. But does that really work with modern life? Preserving historic homes is wonderful, but nothing is static.  Expanding on the original design and making it functional for modern day living, to me, is what design is all about. I love how they've opened up a home that would have historically felt cramped to feel open and spacious. I also love how the mix of old and new in architecture lends to the same ideals in the Interior Design of the space.

Read more about the renovation at Portland Monthly.


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