A shot of me from The Mercury's OPEN SEASON fashion show by Amanda Smith.

I wore my hair in a crown of braids which did not fully encircle my head. So I lined up 3 little bobby pins to keep down the loose end that ended up right over my right temple. I love how it was almost how I would use bobby pins if I was just pulling my bangs to the side. 

Necklace is hand carved by Jorie of Anntorian. LOVE. You guys have to check out her vintage shop. It's off the hook. (And yes, that is me on her entry screen wrapped up in one of her beautiful hand woven scarves). 

Vintage lace tank with and olive green French bra underneath,

Highwaisted A-line full skirt - hits just below my knee and looks like a PAINT BY NUMBERS PAINTING. It's pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever thrifted. 

I'll def have lace tanks and beautiful summer skirts in my shop soon!



anntorian said...

u are too nice.

{whenpenmeetspaper} said...

Loving the hair and the winning smile! Have a great weekend.