Check It///Clever Nettle

Clever Nettle is a beautiful Portland blog and well curated vintage shop on Etsy.

 Anja, the cutie behind the blog, did a really nice post about Portland photographers that are giving people a glimpse into life in Portland. Right off the bat she mentioned Amanda Smith who I had a rad time working with a couple months ago. So fun to see my silly kitchen on Clever Nettle's blog. 

That American Flag is covering some terrible mars in the paint that happened when an old roommate took down her art. BAH.  I love the flag with it's tattered corners and yellowed stripes, but I think it would be so much cuter against a white wall versus a purple wall. Don't you think? 

Either way, so fun to come across this post and see Amanda getting noted so quickly after starting her blog!  So rad! 


anja said...

Hey, thanks for the sweet post! I didn't realize at first that you were one of Amanda's subjects, that's cool. Nice to e-meet you, maybe I will see you around somewhere in town!

Katey Dutton said...

haha, yes. It's always silly meeting someone's acquaintance online. Hope to see you around.