Bright Socks///Inspired By Charlie

I've talked about my love for socks before - and a love for colorful socks at that. But Charlie's Monday Inspiration post just reiterated for me how perfect they are for RIGHT NOW as we transition into somewhat warmer weather.

Charlie was inspired by Ingrid's super duper cute yellow socks. They totally remind me of the Crew Cuts catalog from fall. 

Y'all have to know about Sock Dreams. It's probably the best spot to grab socks ever and happens to be located here in Portland. But they also have a rad web shop too. 

 Tons of bright colors that would be so cute peeping out of a pair of oxfords like Ingrid's. 

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Heart Charlie said...

Awesome!!! I love your follow up post ;) It is so fun to be inspired by fellow bloggers. I love how your further investigated the bright socks, awesome!