Sharing the Pendleton Love///

Over Valentine's weekend Ketch and I went over to the coast and happened across a Pendleton Outlet Store. We pulled a u-turn and hauled ass back to the store which looked a little too Liz Claiborne from the window displays. But we could see the wall of blankets in the back and knew it was worth the stop. 

(ignore the hideous bed)

I could have spent hundreds of dollars on all of the pretty little sweeties that were in that shop. Blankets and button ups were well priced and they had some fun paraphernalia that we could have easily bought if we weren't trying to be thrifty.

I really wanted to come home with this lil buddy. It was just a perfect coat - but I really do own too many jackets.

(please disregard the coast hair and dressing room lighting)

But then there were the matching shorts. Stay still my dear heart, stay still. I recently posted another dreamy pair and really couldn't believe when these were just sitting there on the rack in Seaside, OR. (The little joys that come with living in the state where Pendleton is manufactured).They were soo cute and soo affordable. I went back and forth and about whether or not I should just get them and always wear them with tights. But in the end decided they were soo not ok on my chubby, white Oregonian thighs.

These they had to go to another dear that could sport them all year long in sunny LA. So a short USPS trip later and they arrived for cute Haley. So good!

So i did have to leave the store with something, so I picked up one of their AEWSOMELY HUGE beach towels I've been eying forever at Urban

(sorry for the blurry iphone image)

I love wrapping it around me like a blanket after a shower. For me, Pendleton is heaven. 


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size too small said...

pendleton outlet- what a dream. and geeez how cute does your friend look in those pendleton shorts! (you did too by the way).