New Stuff///New Year

So I may have had too many hot buttered rums on New Year's Eve.  I definitely fell asleep (aka passed out) on my friend's couch and missed midnight! 

So it really doesn't even feel like the New Year without ceremoniously ringing in (kissing in) 2011.

I realized this last week that I was feeling pretty - blue - hum drum - cloud over my head.  So I've got a couple things in the works to make myself feel better.


 I've started working out...it seems to be an every other day occurrence which, for me, is HUGE. I've spent time on the elliptical, lifting weights, shaking my ass in a Zumba class (SO FUN) and surprisingly, SWIMMING! I'm not a very confident swimmer - add the bathing suit issues to that and it can be a relatively painful experience for me. But last night when I thought I was just going for a little hot tub soak to help my bad mood the pool was relatively empty so I decided to hop in. Not only did the cold water feel so refreshing but my body is actually sore today!  None of the other stuff has actually made my muscles ache. I love that "I worked hard, sore muscle feeling". 

B. I did some retail therapy and found jeans that ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD (I apologize for the low quality iphone fotos)!  You guys - this is even bigger than me swimming.  I have been struggling in the jeans department for years.  Only finding denim I like on my body for over $100. Not feasible. Thus i've been left wearing jeans I hate. But I found some kickass Levi's that are my new official jean.  As long as the Levi's Jegging is in existence, I will be wearing them. The best part is that Macy's has them for $30. SCORE! 

But I didn't just get jeans. I found a totally rad faux leather hooded jacket similar to what I picked up for my Ketch for Xmas. Now we are almost twinsies (is that a bad thing? :/ yikes) Either way I got it for a steal and feel cute in my new gear. 

C. Lastly - I'm paying it foward.  Have you seen this status popping up around Facebook lately?
Pay it forward 2011--I promise to send something homemade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. Rules are they must post something here and then they in turn promise to send something to the first five people who post on their status--it must be homemade by you and must be done in the year 2011. Good luck and have fun! "

Well i'm totally going to do it and I'm really excited.  No idea what I'm going to make just yet - it will all probably depend on where the people that respond are located - but having something to inspire creativity will be totally rad. I'll keep you updated!

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