Edison Light Bulbs///The Marconi

Edison Bulbs are going through a surge of popularity right now.  They work perfectly in the contemporary industrial styles that have been showing up all over the blogs for the past couple of years. Below are some beautiful examples from the company I work for, Schoolhouse Electric Co.

Edisons only supply ambient light, putting out somewhere between 8 - 20 watts even when they are using upwards of 70 watts of energy. It all ends up coming out in heat. They are great when recessed or other forms of task lighting are utilized in the same space. 

I picked up the Marconi bulb from work the other day and am debating about where to use it.  I have a simple cord fixture from one of my old college paper lantern lights that long ago bit the dust. Looking for a more mature and styled way to utilize it. I think in the summer I would love to hang a couple loosely out on our porch between the branches of the trees. But for now I'll hang it next to my comfy lounge chair in the living room, or maybe beside my bed for a romantic glow - the options seem endless.

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heh. 'surge' in popularity. :)