A Clean and Bright Living Room///

Here's a mood board I created for a local Portland Family's living room that I'm designing. 

(click image to enlarge)

Victorian architecture makes the space feel dark at times - 90's revamps from previous owners make the space feel dated. The couple has a traditional aesthetic that's been effected by 3 kids keeping them very busy! They are ready for a little style in their lives again while still keeping the space uber functional. I am lightening and brightening the room with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles in a mix of neutrals and blues with touches of gold and red. 



Beckerman Girls said...

Love those wooden lil' trunks..they are AMAZZZZZZING!!!! AWesome mood board!!! Love it ALL! Happy FRIDAY!kisses
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Heart Charlie said...

I love the color palette you've chosen!