Words Through Walls///A Photo Blog Project

My dearest Haley and I have started a photo blog together. She in LA///and I in PDX, sharing a love for walls. We had this funny moment one day while she was still living here in Portland: We were talking down the street, talking about photography and she says, "There is this one wall I would love to take photos of." And I don't remember if it was me asking her "Is it in the Pearl?" or she said it, but then I said, "THE PURPLE ONE?!" And she screamed, "YES!!!" Now this is Portland, it's not like there is one cool spot here. But it's so amazing that we were both so fond of this one purple wall that we had to do something about. Obviously not only our souls, but our creative sides, had a bond. 

Thus, Words Through Walls was born. 

Our first post? The purple wall.

So we will continually be posting colorful and textural walls all over Portland and Los Angeles.

Check out our walls and ENJOY