A summer Concert at the Zoo///with homemade Peach Donuts!

We are having a little work party this weekend and attending Prairie Home Companion's show at the Portland Zoo. I grew up listening to Garrison Keeler's old timey radio show every Sunday morning on the car ride out to our friend's farm. It reminds me of my parents; young and dark haired, the red velour interior of our old Ford and rolling down the window to let the summer wind blow through my hair. So basically I'm excited in this strange nostalgic way /// like the way I get excited for Christmas traditions that have gone on as long as i can remember or family roadtrips. I didn't necessarilly always love every moment - I remember begging my Dad to switch Top 40 station - but overall the memories are happy and cozy and people oriented. 

So I'll bring my picnic blanket and lay it out on the big lawn at the Zoo...get cozy, eat some good food and enjoy the companionship of my awesome coworkers who I think all have silimar nostalgic feelings about the show. 

Speaking of good food I think all of us will be bringing some delicious snacks and wine to share and enjoy.  I'll bring some of these Peach Donuts///I saw these on the kitchn and literally started salivating.  They are perfect to make out of the already donut shaped heirloom peaches that are sold at Sheridan's Fruit Market right across the street from my work. I'll put them in a cute crate - sprinkle them with powdered sugar I don't think anyone will be able to say no. Yummmm

****Post-Edit: I made the donut peaches and they were so easy and totally amazing dipped in cinnamon and sugar. If you take them on a picnic like I did I recommend laying them in a single layer in towel lined pan.  I had them stacked on top of eachother in towel lined tupperware and they ended up a lil mushy by the end of the night. But when I got them home I crisped them right back up in the toaster oven...so don't be too worried. 

Beer-Battered, Deep-Fried Donut Peaches
(makes 6)
6 donut peaches, carefully pitted without cutting the rest of the fruit
1 egg
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup beer
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
about 4 cups canola oil (or enough to submerge)
Bring oil to about 375 degrees. It should be slightly sizzling. Whisk together the egg, flour, beer, salt and sugar. Dunk the pitted donuts into the batter to coat completely.
Test if oil is hot enough to deep-frying by dropping a dollop of batter in first. If it sizzles up and turns golden brown within a couple seconds, it’s ready. Shake a little batter off each peach and deep-fry in batches of two or three at a time. (You’ll want to keep the oil consistently hot, and adding more peaches will lower its temperature.) Once golden brown, after approximately 5-10 seconds, transfer to paper towels to drain.  
*** Coat in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream optional.


And maybe a lil mint lemonade to boot!


anntorian said...

do it!! i am looking forward to it all

Zinzi said...

oh. my. god. those looks sooo good.